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11 Feb 2016

How I’ve Built a Business Through Social Influence

Ready to be your own boss? If you’re seriously ready to do something with that idea of yours, first let me show you what I’ve been able achieve through social influence. I launched and grew my instagram account, @mindingherbusiness, to over 100,000 followers in less than a year. In December 2014, my account began

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10 Feb 2016

7 Steps for Using Social Media to Create A Book That Sells!

The very first time I published a book (Minding Her Business), digital and physical, was through my Instagram account. I’m going to tell what I’ve learned: A great way to write ANY book that sells is to use social media to test your market. Build a niche audience > test engagement of content > create product based

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How I Grew a Life-Changing Income Stream in Less Than One Year.
06 Feb 2016

How I Grew a Life-Changing Income Stream in Less Than One Year

Ready to take control of your future? If you’re serious, REALLY serious, it can be done more quickly than you might think.. At the end of 2014, my account began with a single post.. I built an audience of 10,000 people in less than one month.. People started asking if they could pay me to teach them

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